Temporal Typography, listed by chapter as appearing in Transforming Type: New Directions in Temporal Typography, Barbara Brownie, Bloomsbury, 2014.

Chapter 1: What is Kineticism?

Picture Mill, Panic Room, 2011 (Fig. 5)

Jacob Gilbreath, Conan O'Brien Kinetic Typography, 2011 (Fig. 6)

Kyle McQuarrie, Mesh Typography, 2011 (Fig. 9)

Ken Perlin, Kinetic Poetry, 2004 (not pictured)

Chapter 2: Global V. Local Perception, and the problem with Global Bias

Bruno Nadeau, Hydre Regular, type specimen, 2009 (Fig. 10)

Bollard/Umeric, MTV Organic, MTV ident, 2010 (Fig.11)

Michael Flückiger and Nicolas Kunz, LAIKA, interactive typeface, 2009 (not pictured)

Chapter 3: Local Kineticism and Fluctuating Identity

BB/Saunders, Love, Channel 5 ident, 2006 (Fig. 13)

Jess Gorrick,The Letter R, 2009 (Fig. 16)

Vincent Viriot, Virgin 17 ident, Virgin ident, 2009 (Fig. 17)

Maxim Ivanof, TV7 ident, 2007 (Fig. 18)

Vincent Viriot, Evil/Love/Hate, 2008 (Fig. 19)

Chapter 4: Illusory Space: The Page and Screen as a Virtual Environment

BB/Saunders, Fear, Five ident, 2006 (Fig. 21)

Peter Cho, Letterscapes (M), 2005 (Fig. 23)

Peter Cho, Letterscapes (H), 2005 (Fig. 25)

Chapter 5: Legibility and Asemisis in Fluid Typography

BB/Saunders, Free, Five ident, 2006 (Fig. 27)

Emrah Gonulkirmaz, Brink, 2012 (Fig. 29)

Nic Benns, AVP: Alien vs. Predator, title sequence, 2002 (not pictured)

Sesame Street, Psychadelic Alphabet, animation, aired 1998 (not pictured)

Orgdot, The ABC Game, interactive Flash game, 2002 (not pictured)

Chapter 6: Fluid Branding: Chanel 4 and its Imitators

Terry Griffiths, Ribbon, LWT ident, 1971 (not pictured)

Martin Lambie Nairn, Round and Back, Channel 4 ident, 1982 (Fig. 30)

Martin Lambie Nairn, Interlock, Channel 4 ident, 1982 (not pictured)

MPC, Tokyo, Channel 4 Ident, 2006 (Fig. 31)

MPC, Abbey, Channel 4 Ident, 2011 (Fig. 32)

MPC, Boxes, Sky 1, 2 and 3 idents, 2008 (Fig. 334)

MPC, Lost, Sky 1, 2 and 3 idents, 2008 (not pictured)

Chapter 7: Telling Titles: The Credit Sequences of Kyle Cooper and his Peers

Picture Mill, Hollow Man (not pictured - p. 76)

Nexus Productions, Catch Me If You Can (not pictured)

Kyle Cooper, Twister (not pictured)

Karin Fong/Imaginary Forces, Terminator Salvation, 2009 (not pictured)

Kyle Cooper/Imaginary Forces, Transformers, teaser trailer, 2006 (not pictured)

Kyle Cooper, True Lies, title sequence, 1994 (diagram Fig. 34)

Chapter 8: Kinetic Poetry

Dan Waber, Argument, Flash animation, 2005 (Fig. 35)

Komninos Zervos, Beer, Flash animation, 2005 (not pictured)


Mary Huang, Typeface, 2010 (not pictured)

Sylvia, Font, 2010 (Fig. 37)

Paul Hoppe, Exploratorium, 2011 (Fig. 38)

All of the above videos are located at external websites. External content may change. This list accompanies Transforming Type: New Directions in Temporal Typography, Barbara Brownie, Bloomsbury, 2014

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